The main idea of this project is to create a decentralized exchange where Bettex coin will be used as a means of payment, this cryptocurrency uses PoS/MN technology which will make all the bets made have the discretion and reliability that characterizes the blockchain technology.

This is undoubtedly what the world of online betting needed since the blockchain will provide security to both betting houses and customers. Most of the pages to make online bets have low security which makes them bullent cyber attacks.

Imagine someone making a bet online and instantly print a block with the information of that bet which can see the whole world and can not be edited or deleted.

Exchanges where you can buy Bettex coin:

In its official website you can find all the information to configure and maintain your MN, here I will leave your

Official links:

If you wish to speak with the owners of the project personally, I recommend you do so by Discord.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.