BetXoin [BETXC] The most discreet betting platform of the moment.

Alejandro Finol
2 min readMar 18, 2019


BetXoin is a sports platform that differentiates all others since it does not use fiduciary money, if not they have developed their own cryptomoneda to make everything totally discreet and irrastreable. In other words, anyone can buy the BetXoin currency and make any type of bet and no one will have any data of their own, since to register on their sports platform you only need an email.

On the other hand of the map is your BetXoin currency [BETXC] that is based on MN / PoS technology with Quark protocol which can make your income increase passively without risking your money. I will give you an example of how beneficial this project can be.

Imagine buying coins and configuring 1 MasterNode BETXC, which now has an ROI of 1345.54 according to MNROI.INFO, that is, you can keep your MN investment protected while you can bet with the generated profits. It’s just perfect, right?

It also covers the widest list of bets, with more than 50,000 bets available on weekends only in the soccer area. To give you a small idea of the wide range of bet that has imaginenses that covers up betting political elections.

Due to the fact that it is an extremely new project right now, it is giving awards to the first users to register on its official site Take advantage of this and be the first to join this project where we all win.

¿How to buy BetXoin?

As I said before, the project is extremely new, it only has days of having gone on the air, and right now you are pre-selling your coins at a very special price. Also if you buy now you will have more opportunities to take advantage of your high ROI because it uses the concept of “First to arrive, First to win”

The pre-sale is being carried out on its official channel of Discord/Betxoin, although I already paid its list in its first exchange Crex24 where to appear in the next few days.

You can talk directly with its founders and developers on its official Discord/Betxoin, then I will leave your main links.

BetXoin Website
BetXoin Betting Platform
BetXoin Github
BetXoin Discord
BetXoin Telegram



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