BilletCoin [BLT] — The project that has revolutionized the blockchain environment.

A little over a month ago, his blockchain chain started the BilletCoin project, which developed his blockchain using the Quark protocol and a MasterNode / PoS block reward system. It has made almost everything different from the rest of the projects since to maintain its stable ROI it has designed a system in which its collateral MN will have 14 increments starting with 50 coins and ending in 1800. This makes its price always stay up and in fact they have.

They did not do any kind of ICO/Presale or anything like that, the main team has covered the expenses of listing on exchanges and everything, and they have already been listed on 3 quality exchanges and their price is simply amazing. It is found to be around $380 with a good daily exchange volume, you can check it by visiting CoinGecko.

Probably its price is going through the roof as its dApp is about to come out, which will introduce the currency in the real estate industry worldwide, although now a viable option to buy real estate with cryptocurrencies, none fulfills this specific function guaranteeing security to the 2 parties through smart contracts.

In other words, the project is in its maturation phase, but if the market matures, we could be talking about the next cryptocurrency giant, placing its price even above ETH, so I invite you to join this great project and together win.



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