BlacerCoin [BLCR] the platform that will revolutionize eSports.

BlacerCoin is a brand that plans to be a support for eSports players (princial and professional) through various projects that are subject to their own currency called BlacerCoin (BLCR).

It will also serve as a social network for all eSports where statistics, complete profiles and many more will be stored, eSports teams from all over the world will be able to receive payments through their cryptocurrency and will also have a games platform called BlacerShop where you can change your tokens for digital games or gaming accessories such as keyboards, mouse etc.

In addition, its cryptocurrency is used to pay for tournaments that they themselves organize, that is, Blacer plans to become a brand of online games.

Normally the currencies based on MN / PoS plummet since the offer does not cover the demand but with a good backup project I am more than sure that the offer matches the demand and the prices can be stable. BlacerCoin has that and more with its various projects since the eSports industry is an untapped mine.

¿How you can invest in BlacerCoin?

It is very easy this project started with a lot of force since it is available right now in 3 quality exchanges.
Besides that you can simplify the whole process of buying small portions in the exchanges by contacting one of the directors of the project in Discord where they are available most of the day, and if you want to buy 1 full MN I invite you to do so by mediating CoinPayments

Especificaciones de moneda.

ROI especial para la preventa.

Equipo detras del proyecto BlacerCoin:

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Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.