CryptoSignalsHub The platform that will change the cryptocurrency trading industry.

CryptoSignalsHub is an automated Trading platform in which millions of analysts and users will be able to interact and search for the best trading channels of the entire platform, on the platform you will be able to see all channels and signals for free, you will only have to share a small percentage of earnings with the channel.

The reputation and profitability of the channels are given by the users themselves, since it has a voting system in which you can give or take away the reputation of the channels, everything is done to be as transparent as possible.

In a few words, this platform will undoubtedly change the way cryptocurrencies are traded, since with this platform you can trade without risk of losing since it has one of the best and safest Stop loses systems, in the channels you can see their social networks a short summary of their channel

You will also get statistics of your lost earnings, general channel statistics and much more too paper trading is also available for those of you that want to test which channels are best or follow the steps on your profile page to link your API key.

The platform has not been officially launched yet but we are in a pre-advertising campaign, the official launch will be in 8 days, specifically on July 10, I invite you to join our social networks and be one of the first to enter the new era of trading .



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