[EX24.io] A safe and fast exchange, backed by ExioCoin where everyone wins.

EX24.io is an exchange created with the purpose of making transfers in a totally anonymous and fast way. Where can I easily market with any currency with the lowest rates.

EX24.io was launched a couple of days ago, and right now it’s in the presale of its backup currency called ExioCoin [EXO], a currency that uses the Quark algorithm (PoS / MN).

It really plans to become an Exchange so easy to use that any beginner can market their tokens without any problem, and also for those who are engaged in exchanging daily because the costs for shipments are the lowest you will find.

Right now you can market a total of 7 coins, but the project is expanding faster than you had thought, it is expected that by the end of this month the number exceeds 50 coins, if you have a crypto project do not hesitate to list now that the prices are extremely low.

¿How to buy ExioCoin?

The presales of your MN is being carried out through Discord, be sure to contact your founder [RIN — EX24.IO#0555]

20 MasterNodes ExioCoin will be sold at a price of 0.3 BTC each.
They will also sell 20 Staking Packets of 100 coins at a price of 0.005 BTC.

Take advantage and be the first to buy, if you buy now you will get your special pre-sale ROI.

Your ExioCoin currency will also be available on Exchanges such as Crex24and CryptoBridge in the coming days. Here I will leave you the links of the project:

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.