Galaxy.Credit Guide on how to earn passive income on your Farm platform.

Galaxy.Credit is a Yield Farming platform in which you can earn passive income from GALAXY tokens by adding liquidity in UniSwap, currently the platform has more than 12 active pairs, once you enter Galaxy.Credit, follow the next steps to farm GALAXY tokens.

Get GALAXY UNI-V2 LP, to get these tokens you must first add liquidity to the GALAXY pool in UniSwap, you can do it by going here:

Once you are in UniSwap, add the amount of GALAXY you want, approve your ETH/GALAXY tokens and you will get your GALAXY UNI-V2 LP, after you have your GALAXY UNI-V2 LP you must go to the platform Galaxy.Credit.

Once you are here connect your ETH wallet, and unlock all the galaxies.

Then select the pair in which you find added liquidity.

Approve your LP tokens and you can activate the farm and press the “Harvest” button and you’re done, you’re farming.



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