Gauntlet E-Sport: The Cryptocurrency That Will Change the Crypto-Sphere

Alejandro Finol
2 min readAug 5, 2020

Gauntlet E-Sport is a completely new and exciting cryptocurrency and gaming project. Its main objective is to enter the entire E-Sport industry as a payment coin, service provider and Esport player. Cryptocurrencies and E-Sport games are among the fastest growing niches in the world today.

¿Why was Gauntlet E-Sport created?

Online gaming, E-Sports specifically is a booming industry. Targeted investments into this niche grew from 450 million in 2017 to 4.5 billion in 2018 according to Deloitte. Cryptocurrency according to Marketwatch, is set to grow a further 12–15% within the next four years alone. These two industries are merging and Gauntlet Esport will spearhead many PoS gaming integrations and services that will attract a large portion of the gaming and crypto communities.

¿What is GAU?

GAU is the project’s native cryptocurrency, it was developed using Quark protocol to guarantee security and speed to its blockchain, right now it is in its first IEO which is being carried out on their Discord channel. GAU is currently selling Battlenodes(Masternodes) which requires 5,000 GAU coins as part of their phase 1 IEO. These Battlenodes will not only provide you with additional gaming features when their game is released but you’ll be able to generate additional GAU via staking and play a vital role in their community governance form.

¿How and where to buy GAU?

Gauntlet Esport will carry out two IEOs. The first, Phase 1 started two days ago and is being carried out on its official server on Discord where a total of 50 Masternodes will be sold at an initial price of 0.02 BTC. It is generally recommended that people purchase GAU during this phase as the cost per GAU is lower that what it will be for Phase 2. Buying GAU is easy, just go to the official Discord server and talk to one of the developers. We recommend doing it with Fury#7432 as he is the main technical developer. Phase 2 will commence when they are listed on their first exchange which will be later this month.

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