[Light Pay Coin (LPC)] The cryptocurrency that will introduce the contactless payment to the Blockchain.

This cryptocurrency based on PoS / MN technology is one of the most interesting projects of the moment, since it pleases to speed up the way in which it is paid with cryptocurrencies, as we know one of the main problems of other cryptocurrencies is the time in which confirm the transfers (They are usually not very long but they take 5 to 20 minutes) and that is a lot for everyday life. Can you imagine having to wait 15 minutes to verify the payment of each purchase we make per day?

That is why Light Pay Coin operates with PoS / MN technology to eliminate the node confirmation time, and also works in the long term with the Central University of Florida (UCF) to perfect the contactless payment, currently this method already operates in the large banking partnerships, but has not yet been done with any cryptocurrency, Light Pay Coin will change that.

It is expected that in a short time launch a network of ATMs in the United States to withdraw money with technology “Pay without contact”, this really revolutionize the way you operate the cryptocurrency and you get the best of the centralized economy and what best of the decentralized economy (Blockchain).

Imagine being able to withdraw your LPC’s quickly and safely at any ATM and without needing any type of card or password? Wow this sounds great and the best thing is that it works with MN technology so you can buy your MN and withdraw monthly profits, this cryptocurrency especially has a pretty decent ROI so it would not be a crazy idea to invest in MN and live off the profits that generate you.

Currently this great project is carried out in 8 countries (Croatia, South Korea, the United States, India, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and the Philippines) with a fairly high acceptance range. Personally I think this project is amazing so do not hesitate to buy LPC’s.

Exchanges where you can buy LPC’s:

You can also get more information about this project or communicate with its supports or owners in any of these social networks (I personally recommend Discord).

Do not waste time and be part of the project that will revolutionize payments.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.