Martkist [MARKT] evolution in price and stability in the market.

In my last post in which I made a short introduction about Martkist, it was handling the market at a price of approximately 210 SAT, which is equivalent to about $ 0.020, but after a strong movement in the market, Martkist had a peak where I multiplied for 15 its price. Reaching values of almost 3000 sat.

Although it was only a peak in purchase, surely due to the arrival of a large investor, it fell back to approximately 540 sat, where it has remained stable since then, that is, its price tripled in just one week, but it is not all experts in Technical Analysis they are more than sure that it is in a bullish pattern in which it is expected to reach historical maximums in the coming days. So if you don’t have MARTK in your portfolio yet, I hope and add it right now. You can also make passive gains by setting up a MasterNode on your network.

Among other news of interest today, the Martkist board has announced the budget proposal for the Hotbit exchange listing, which is expected to bring harmony and tranquility to all the people who exchange Martkist, since Hotbit has proven to be one of the best exchanges of the world.

If you want to buy Martkist right now you can do it in the following exchanges.