Martkist Weekly Update [MARTK]

As stellar news of the Martkist project is its entry into the large Hotbit exchange, this is the day on July 10 the Hotbit spokespersons announced on their official Twitter account they confirmed the list of Martkist on their exchange opening the deposits and indicating to all its users that Martkist traders might already have with the pairs MARTK/USDT and MARTK/BTC this expects a great increase in the adoption of MARTK since it opens its doors to all the users that eradicated in Hotbit exchange.

On the other hand, and radically changing the subject, Martkist also started yesterday, its “Keep you safe” campaign, which is mainly based on the donation of elegant mouthpieces to prevent the expansion of the Covid-19.

Initially 3,000 masks were made to be distributed among the following countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Panama, the Philippines and Venezuela, according to the CEO of Martkist, all members of the community in those countries will receive their masks completely free, but if someone wants one additional will require giving a donation of 10 MARTK for the creation of more masks. I’ll leave you the official publication of Martkist so you can read it better, and if you want masks or just want to donate to this great cause they can take your wallet addresses.

Below I will leave you all the links so you can join their great community and grow together with this project.



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