TelosCoin goes into recession? Giveaways and more…

How long will the recession last?

It really is an uncertain question, it all depends on the amount of coins that this person has but according to the purchase volumes he should not have many left, in the same way the currency is falling to historical lows since right now it is rolling the 66 SAT for TELOS thing That has not happened since October of last year, so as an extra tip I recommend you buy Telos and in case you already have, do Hold because it will soon go back to 100 SAT.

Contests and giveaways!

Teloscoin in conjunction with Biki Exchanges will organize a various contests with 1 million TELOS in rewards, no joke, you heard it right, the promotion will be divided into 2 parts.

  1. Registration contest to attract new users How to participate? Simple, you just have to create an account in Biki Exchange after the 17th of this month and trade in the telos network with an amount greater than 50 USDT and you will receive 500 TELOS of rewards
  2. Trading Contest, among other words this will be the big contest, where 100K TELOS will be distributed to the first place + Green Box, this will be taken by the legitimate trader who sells more TELOS (Buy / Sell), but this does not remain so , all users who participate will receive rewards



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