Teloscoin increasingly strengthens its market, general updates.

Although the market in general has been a bit weak only the most outstanding projects were able to maintain their prices in relation to the dollar, Telos not only remained stable but also raised its prices and volume in a great way, raising its prices almost x2 by almost All your exchanges, having a volume of almost 200k USD per day, this is great news considering that it sold about 15–10k per day. And for my personal opinion this is just the tip of iceberg since this project is destined for great things, and I would dare to say that in a few months we could talk about 1 Telos = 1 USD.

Although it has dropped a bit in recent days its price has matured in almost all markets has made a great floor in 160 sat so it is supposed to raise its price again in the next few days, If you still do not have Telos take advantage and join This great project.

In addition, he has been ranked number 5 in the ranking of the currencies with the most daily earnings on the famous monitor

On the other hand, its flagship currency was not the only one to rise since its Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) minable currency also increases its prices significantly in the XBTX / TELOS market.

And speaking of development in general, they are about to launch their own exchange called “Bitdorado Exchange”, if you want to find out about all the progress, follow them on their official social networks and you will find out everything.

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