Teloscoin (TELOS) — A unique opportunity to invest (Shor /Medium/Long) term.

In these moments most of the main cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin are rising passively, they are very close to reaching the 10,000 barrier but a regression in prices is expected in the coming days, so if you invest in any currency it is You may earn some dollars because they still have a little to keep going up, but my prediction today is to double the investment in less than 1 month.

Teloscoin the main currency of the transcendence project is about to reach 100 sat, personally I think it will not go down from 100 sat because there is a fairly important floor in all its exchanges. The opportunity is that more and more people are being included in the project, there are more and more cases of use and projects under development that will create a totally sustainable ecosystem.

Telos comes from touching the 300 sat, so I think it will make an important jump in 100 sat, so if you want to buy and make profits x2 in weeks do it, and I really have confidence in the project because it really doesn’t matter what happens to the other cryptocurrencies his behavior is autonomous, since he had been going up for months no matter what the market in general was in red. So it may crash into the 100 sat barrier and rise again.

  • To invest in the short term you can wait between 2–3 weeks buying right now in Graviex, Crex24 Biki or any of your exchanges.

Remember that this is only my opinion people, book me of any investment responsibility, and if you want to invest please invest money that you will not need in the short term.

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Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.

Lover of technology, cryptocurrencies and a little more.