Transcendence Project [TELOS/XBTX] Use cases Part 1. (BLUEBOX)

As I said in my last post, we will focus on bringing to light one of the best blockchain projects of the moment although it is very undervalued I am more than sure that it will soon become an elite project, with more than 20 use cases and an increasingly solid community Transcendence Project is creating better and better things in almost all branches, I will make a publication per day explaining in depth 1 a use case.

Today we will start with one of his most important creations, the “BlueBox”

As the name says are small blue boxes, which aims to replace traditional miners because the BlueBox are improved in every way, since it works with block chains based on Proof of Work (PoW) and in addition to that It also works with Proof of Stake (PoS) block chains, and is also capable of storing MasterNodes. All this saving as many Watts as possible, since each BlueBlox only consumes around 20 Watts, while traditional miners consume between 1700–2000 Watts, this undoubtedly solves the energy problem that traditional miners have.

Its creator Pascal Papara, has thought of almost everything and without a doubt these boxes could replace traditional miners, for now if you want to invest in this project the BlueBox are the most effective way to do it since you can get “TelosCoin or Bitcoin Subsidium” only with a BlueBox and an internet cable.

I will leave an explanatory video of all the functions and advantages that BlueBox offers you:

I will also leave all the important links to their social networks, and to the BlueBox home page where you can buy any of their equipment.

BlueBox Website
Transcendence Website
Community Discord
Community Telegram

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