Transcendence project weekly update, ESBC added to Bitdorado pool.

The Transcendence project led by its 2 TELOS coins and Bitcoin Subsidium and an endless number of applications with real use cases is one of the strongest and most innovative projects in the entire crypto market, recently they released their own Exchange called Bitdorado Exchange but it is not a common and current exchange, since it was coupled to all the needs of currencies based on MasterNode technology, offering its users to host more of any currency listed, Stake and participate in their pools .

The beta phase started with its flagship currency Telos which is one of the best projects based on MasterNode, but recently they have started with the listing process, and they are adding only the best projects, a couple of days ago the Russian project was listed and -Sport Betting (ESBC) to its exchange, pool, staking and all the services offered by Bitdorado Exchange it is expected that as the days go by more projects will enter, in addition to its ignaguration the Bitdorado Exchange is doing a series of airdrops, take advantage and join now.

In relation to its price, not much can be said since TELOS has become independent from the market although it seems to have a strong barrier at 120 Sat, that does not prevent it from rising, since in recent days it has reached 160 Sat without caring that the general market is in decline. Its price is expected to reach 200–300 sat before the middle of the year, as a curious fact for investors, its main developer and creator Pascal Papara announced the sale of 4 premium memberships at a price of 400k of TELOS, which will rise to end of the month at 800K, so if you want to enter this boat take advantage now.

You can buy Teloscoin on any of the following exchanges.

Biki Exchange
Birake Exchange
Bitdorado Exchange
Graviex Exchange
Crex24 Exchange
WhiteBit Exchange

To find out about all the project updates or want to chat directly with its developers, you can join any of their social networks.

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