UniPower [POWER] The first of its kind 100% of liquidity.

UniPower is the first ECR20 token that implements the liquidity-proof algorithm (PoL) although it is experimental it is expected to obtain good results (And in fact this is what is happening) to explain a little more about what it is that it is 100% Liquidity-proof, the token was created with a Max Supply of 1,000,000 POWER tokens, all of which were sent to the exchange UniSwap and each person who wants to acquire the tokens even its creator will have to buy it, this was done without ICO, pre-sale, IEO or anything like that which would ensure its stability and financial growth.

In fact if you look closely at its chart, it has 4 days of being created and its growth has been experiential since its creation, with some price corrections but nothing to worry about, right now it is in an uptrend (Maybe bouncing and fulfilling its waves of elliot) although everything is very rushed because you have to let the market mature a little more. But its adoption has been incredible since there are a little more than 672 holders and almost 250,000 POWERS have been purchased, which means that in 4 days they have sold almost 25% of their Max Supply.

It has also innovated and just 4 days after leaving it already has its first dApps called StaticPower, which is a betting page where you will eventually earn passive income, and you will be able to automatically re-invest. I’ll leave a tutorial image of how the dApp is used.

It also has an excellent community on Discord/Telegram if you want to join here I will leave you the links of all their social networks, join and be part of the change.

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