VIPO [VPS] A cryptographic project that will change everything.

  1. Configuring MasterNode [VPS]: You can configure a MasterNode VIPO VPS with 5000 VPS and get daily passive income with it.
  2. Through Proof of Stake [POS]: You can earn VIPO income simply by having VPS in your local wallet.

Advantages of VIPO’s services in relation to its rivals:

  • The VPS sales platform is fully developed with Blockchain, that is, all user data is fully encrypted using its blockchain.
  • All payments for services are charged with their native VPS currency, that is, everything is completely anonymous and no personal data of the clients is needed, no more than an email.
  • Low costs in high quality VPS, also if you are a holder of VPS coins you can pay for your services with the profits generated with Staking or Masternodes (If you have one).

Why is it important to be a VPS owner?

How to get VPS coins?

Packages available on your VPS platform:

Important links:



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