Why you should invest in TELOS in the medium/long term and not in other projects.

The market is definitely going through a bad time, it has affected all currencies equally with the exception of stablecoins, and without a doubt this has a great deal to do with the pandemic that almost everyone is currently experiencing, according to tradingview and Other influential portals the panic rate of investors is above 33%, that is, the majority are changing their cryptos for FIAT and this explains why cryptocurrencies fell so much in such a short time, but without a doubt this also opens a window for new and old investors as it is time to buy and wait patiently for the market to recover, the question is: what projects can I invest in?

I personally like to bet on projects that are in an early phase, but that prove to be good enough, remember that everything that is at the top today started as just an idea and at investment levels it has been known that the earlier it is Invest the profits will be much bigger when the investment reaches the top.

I have been following the Teloscoin project for several months, for those who do not know it is a currency developed with the PoS / MasterNode protocol, which has been exceeding on a large scale in recent months, and its increase is not a coincidence, behind all that price increase and maturity in terms of volume and capitalization is a group of developers who are making this possible, their prices in the last 4 months have increased almost x2 and this is only a minority for what is to come, since each time the project is being integrated and innovating in people’s daily lives. Already with more than 10 applications developed for everyday use cases in almost all aspects (games, online stores, host payments, exchanges and much more) this is just the tip of the ice berg since its community and development team are growing very fast and soon we will be talking about Teloscoin as one of the best 100 currencies on the market.

You can buy Teloscoin on any of the following exchanges.

Biki Exchange
Birake Exchange
Bitdorado Exchange
Graviex Exchange
Crex24 Exchange
WhiteBit Exchange

To find out about all the project updates or want to chat directly with its developers, you can join any of their social networks.

Community Discord
Community Telegram



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