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ZioCasino.io is the first extension of the ZioCoin project, which is a currency based on MN / PoS technology. The casino created has a modern front and very nice to look at currently has 4 games very easy to play, the games are as follows.

A totally random game created with 100% ramdon equations, your goal is to guess in which valde water will not fall to win. It is a game of odds 50/50%

Dice is perhaps the most attractive game of ZioCasino so far since it offers a large margin of probability for users.

High or Low is a very entertaining game and it is totally random since you will have to guess if the card that will come out will be high or low, where <5 is low and> is high, you can also bet on the forms of the card.

ODD or EVEN is another card game where you will have to guess if the card will be odd or even.

Although it is a ZioCoin project, the site not only supports ZIO coins but also accepts Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, IanCoin and ZioCoin. Deposits only need 3 confirmations in almost all cryptomonedas and withdrawals are extremely fast.

In addition it has a book of all bets made in each of the games. Use fully open source algorithms with decent percentages.

In addition to being recently launched to the market has an affiliate contest where you can receive a large percentage each of the bets that your referrals make regardless of whether they lose or win.

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